S.P.U.R. Workshop

S.P.U.R. Workshop

UFCW 5 "2010 Quarterly Steward Meetings

UFCW 5 "2010 Quarterly Steward Meetings

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year Local 5 Stewards!!

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!

Local 5 Stewards Committee is preparing for our Upcoming 2010 Quarterly Steward Meetings. Hopefully you have received your reminders and will be joining us sometime in January to see what is new and exciting. We are also preparing for the 2010 Annual Stewards Conference so your input is valuable to us. Please let us know your desires on topics and concerns whether it be in person, reports or in person, we want to know!

We will be participating in various events throughout the year as we have key elections and important community and political agendas set for Local 5. We hope that as Stewards you will be participating in these events and talking to the membership in you stores, plants and work sites about these various events.

Remember Market Share Credit is given to those that participate, 4- hours throughout the year in these various eligible events. Examples of Market Share Participation are phone banking, precinct walking, community festivals and rallies. We need members to support the causes, remember one for all and all for one!

We look forward to hearing and seeing you soon. Keep those Stewards reports coming you are the eyes & ears of Local 5 and we appreciate all you do!!!

In Solidarity,
UFCW Local 5 Stewards Committee

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